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Users have reported the following experiences for Civil Hospital-sector 22 Chandigarh Civil/General Hospital:
  • Experience at the facility was good.
  • Will not recommend the facility to others for their treatment.
  • Will not revisit the facility for their treatment.
  • Medical condition was not resolved at the facility.
  • There are long wait times at the facility.
  • Doctors at the facility are good.
  • Staff at the facility is not good.
  • The facility is not expensive.
  • The facility is not clean.
  • Did not face any billing issues at the facility.
  • Did not receive value for their money at the facility.
Users have reported the following in terms of accessing the facilities at Civil Hospital-sector 22 Chandigarh Civil/General Hospital:
  • The facility is not easily accessible.
  • The facility is accessible by wheelchair.
  • Has an ambulance service.
  • Has ample parking.
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  • Cash

Civil Hospital-sector 22 Chandigarh Civil/General Hospital - Reviews

Review by Anonymous •  July 29, 2018
Experience was not good
Will not revisit
The nurses at the hospital are very rude. One nurse said why we are coming here on Sunday. If nurses behaviour is like this, I really want to complaint to the CMO of the hospital.
Review by Anonymous •  June 25, 2018
Experience was not good
Will not recommend
Will not revisit
It was my first time in Civil Hospital, Sector 22, Near Shastri Market, Chandigarh, and let me tell you and suggest you all that please do not ever visit this hospital, I don't think I am gonna visit it ever again in my entire life at any cost. I would rather go to a desi hakeem rather visiting such a low-standard, mannerless doctors. They don't know how to behave to their patients. Today I went to the gastro dept Room No 2 at the same hospital. Firstly the doctor wasn't present there for about half an hour as he was having sum so very important conversation over the phone, then he came back to his cabin and within a minute or two he again goes out of the room with his so important phone call and another half an hour. Then, fortunately, Mr. doctor came back again and started his work and believe me he was hardly taking 1 min per patient. He was pretty fast with every patient while being rude and ruthless. He was treating his patients in such a bad way, that i can't put that to words. There was an old lady who was somewhere around in her 80s. He spoke to her in a completely mannerless and disgusting way. The old lady got so intimidated by the doctor's behaviour that she couldn't even manage to ask him again about her doubts. Then came my turn, and he did the same to me as well and said "DOOR BAITH MUJHSE, ITNE PASS MERE MUH PE BAITHEGA KYA, AUR FIR MUJHE "TB" VGEREH FASSA DEGA", even though I had an issue with my stomach, and not TB. I responded back to him that Mr Doctor, please be polite and there is a way to talk to someone and please behave like one. From that point on, the so-called doctor started yelling and shouting at me for about 5 mins in front of all the patients and staff members. Among other literal abuses, he told me "TU MUJHE SIKHAYEGA KAISE BAAT KRNI HAI KISI SE 21-22 SAAL KA LADKA, 45 SAAL AGE HO GYI MERI". He didn't bother to see my age on the form, which his 29. He made me feel downtrodden, to say the least. In response, I couldn't say much, as I didn't want to waste my words on such a guy. Fortunately, a staff lady stepped in and asked the doctor to stop. Let me tell you, doctor, I am a man of self-respect and know how to give respect to others as well. I am not mad at you. In fact, I feel pity for doctors like you who treat their patients in such a way. Let me tell you I have been to other govt hospitals as well. Let me give you an example of the most senior gastro department doctor at Sector 32 Govt hospital. Go and see how politely and nicely he treats his patients even after having his age around 55. I have seen him working in such a polite and good way even after seeing hundreds of patients a day. I am feeling bad for me as well at this time that I wasted so much of my time while writing about you, although you don't deserve a single second of my life. Please treat ur patients in a good way. You are designated to treat us not to torture us mentally. That's all from my side.
Review by Anonymous •  October 22, 2023
Experience was good
Review by Anonymous •  October 3, 2023
Experience was not good
Review by Anonymous •  October 1, 2023
Experience was good

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